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Bring us your unwanted books
Whether you have just a few books or hundreds, we will take as many as we can and sign you in as an associate member of the BookBarn without charge.

Each book is quickly priced, catalogued and given a unique number and barcode which enables us to credit your account as soon as it is sold.

Unusual or rare books are properly priced by our expert team of valuers - this service is completely free and without obligation, and ensures that the owner gets a fair proportion of their true value.

You will receive up to half our retail price for each of your books, far more than you would get selling them any other way.

So, if you have unwanted books gathering dust on your shelves bring them to us - you may well be surprised by how much they are worth.

Dealers and traders
Huge trade discounts are available. We welcome excess stock from book dealers and traders and offer a special collection and cheque delivery service for regular vendors. If you have any surplus or slow moving stock we can have it on sale for you within days - why not give us a call?

Registered charities
The BookBarn offers a comprehensive and financially worthwhile service to charities, particularly those without specialised retail outlets for donated books. Several major charities are already benefiting from this service - call us to find out more.

Payment and fees
Payment for any book supplied to us is available on demand. Payments can be collected at any time or forwarded as required.

If you send us a quantity of books you can choose to receive payments as we sell them. We can also arrange to pass on the proceeds to a charity of your choice if you prefer.

Our selling fee is 50% of our retail price. A small monthly fee will be added to books which have been in stock for more than 90 days. See our examples below for price comparisons:

Book sold at 5 within 90 days
Sales fee 2.50
Service fee 0.00
Total 2.50
Payment to owner 2.50
Book sold at 5 after 6 months
Sales fee 2.50
Service fee 0.60
Total 3.10
Payment to owner 1.90
Book sold at 5 after 12 months
Sales fee 2.50
Service fee 1.20
Total 3.70
Payment to owner 1.30

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